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NOTICE is hereby given by the Planning Board of the Township of Roxbury that a regular meeting will be held on January 5, at 7:30 p.m. and the following action may or may not be taken:




Minutes of 11/3/04 to be approved




Letter of extension for Ledgewood Shopping Center


Letter of extension of Rainbow Management


S-23-04- TGI Fridays – amended site plan for signs located on Rt. 46, Block 6502, Lot 2 in B-3 zone.




Primax Properties – Advance Auto – site plan on Rt. 46 Ledgewood


Dell Ave  Properties – site plan on Dell Ave. Block 6803, Lot 1,2,3




Letter of extension for subdivision of Rainbow Management


S-10-04- Commerce Bank – final site plan for bank located on Rt 10/Main St. Block 6303, Lot 6 & 7 in B-2 zone.


S-23-04- CVS Pharmacy – site plan for building located on Howard Blvd. Block 6502, lot 2 in B-3 zone.


M-10-04 Kenneth Jacobsen – minor subdivision for 2 lots located on Dogwood Lane, Block 3201, Lot 30 in R-2 zone Carried to 2/2/05


M-3-04- Carol DeRock/Tucci - subdivision for 2 lots located on Second St. Block 2611, Lot 11 in R-4 zone.


S-21-04- Glenn Bott – steep slopes variance to build home on Center St. Block 10501, Lot 31 in R-2 zone.


S-10-04- Etel Realty – site plan for retail located on Rt 10/MaryLouise Ave. Block 6305, Lot 4 & 5 in B-2 zone.


Public Portion
Old Business
New Business



Letter from DEP in regards to Dell Park

Letter from EcolSciences in regard to subdivision on Main St. Port Morris.

Letter from DEP in regard to Primax (Advance Auto) Rt. 46 Ledgewood











Dolores A. DeMasi, Secretary