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NOTICE is hereby given by the Planning Board of the Township of Roxbury that a regular meeting will be held on June 7, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Building at 1715 Rt 46, Ledgewood, NJ and the following action may or may not be taken:


Minutes of 4/19/06 and 5/3/06 to be approved




Pondview Subdivision


66 Dell Ave - Fahy




S-3-06- Mark Investments – Walgreens – site plan for pharmacy located on Rt. 46, Block 6601, Lot 27-31- in B-3 zone.


M-4-06- Emanse –site plan for office/retail located on Rt. 46, Block 7502, Lot 6&7 in B-2 zone.


S-7-6- Primax – site plan for property located on Rt 46, Block 6502, Lot 7 & 8 in B-2 zone.




S-11-06/M-6-06 – Sylway Properties (Petillo)- amended site plan and minor subdivision for property located on Dell Ave. Block 6803, Lot 3,4,5 in I-10 zone.


M-4-06- Tucci Soil Relocation – soil application for property located on Second St. Block 2611, Lot 12 in R-4 zone.


S-10-06- Prudent Publishing – soil application for property located on N. Frontage Rd. Block 9501, Lot 2 in LI/OR zone


M-7-05- Joan DiDomenico – minor subdivision for 2 lots located on Main St/Washington St. Block 10501, lot 3 in R-4 zone.


M-2-06- D’Urso Holdings – minor subdivision for 2 lots located on Brandywine Ct. Block 5401, Lot 9 in R-1 zone.


S-8-06 – Rockborn Trucking – site plan for office and maintenance garage located on Lenel Rd. Block 9502, Lot 1 in I-1 zone.


M-5-06- Scott Construction – subdivision for 6 lots located on North Hillside Ave. Block 5203, Lot 50 in R-3 zone.




Wetlands application for Rachel Manor

Ordinance 08-06 from Randolph Township

Ordinance 06-08 from Township of Rockaway

Ordinance 06-16 from Rockaway Township


Old Business

New Business







Dolores A. DeMasi, Secretary