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NOTICE is hereby given by the Board of Adjustment of the Township of Roxbury that a regular meeting of the Board of Adjustment will be held on July 11, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. and the following action may or may not be taken:


Minutes of 5/9/05 and 6/13/05 to be approved




BA- 25-04-  Kingtown Diesel – amended site and use for service station on Rt.46, Block 9302, Lot 3 in B-2 zone


BA-19-05- Enrique Sanabria – variance for left side for a sunporch and deck located on Dell Ave. Block 11801, Lot 31 in R-3 zone.


BA-25-05- Edwina Grenot – variance front yard setback for addition located on Berkshire Valley Rd. Block 12602, Lot 1 R-3 zone.


BA-26-05- James & Rachel Demara – variances for a garage located on  Rogers Drive, Block 11805, Lot 25 in R-3 zone.


BA-23-05- MC Ski Club – use variance to have a ski club located on Lake Silver Spring Lake located on Rt. 46, Block 2702, Lot 1 in OS zone.


BA-27-05-Josephine Lau & Kim Chen – variance to build an addition to existing home with business located on Mt. Arlington Blvd. Block 12101, Lot 5 in R-3 zone.


BA-21-05- Tree King – use variance to storage of mulch and mulch production located on Lenel Rd (McNear’s) Block 10604, Lot 4 in LI/OR.





BA-39-04- Viacom – use variance for billboard located on Rt 46, Block 6407, Lot 2 in B-2 zone.


BA-24-05- Neil & Margorie Lines – variance for impervious coverage for addition located on Eyland Ave. Block 2802, Lot 2 in R1 zone.


BA-28-05 – Gregory & Suzanne Messer – variance for front yard setback for addition located on Laurie Rd. Block 11310, Lot 22 in R-3 zone.


BA-29-05- Brian Nowakowski – variance for height for addition located on Emmans Rd. Block 6001, Lot 43 in R-1 zone.


BA-30-05 – D’Berg LLC – variance for signs for Ashley Furniture located in Ledgewood Mall, Rt 10/MaryLouise Ave, Block 6304, Lot 1 in B-3 zone.


BA-31-05- Kristy Corriero – Dream Dance & Gymnastics Studio – use variance to have studio located o n Orben Drive, Block 9701, Lot 8 in LI/OR zone.


BA-33-05- Garden State Sunrooms – Kenneth Branch – variance for front yard setback, impervious and building coverages for addition, garage and driveway located on Appletree Lane, Landing, Block 11913, Lot 1 in R-3 zone.







Dolores  A. DeMasi, Secretary