NJ Bag Ban Law

New Jersey's bag ban law goes into effective on May 4!  For more information go to BagUpNJ.com or Get-Past-Plastic.

Don't forget your reusable bags!

Please see the chart below for reference:


BagUpNJ color flyer front page
BagUpNJ color flyer back page

Business owners-

New Jersey's ban on plastic carryout bags & polystyrene foam in stores, grocery stores & food service businesses goes in effect May 4. 

For more information go to New Jersey Business Action center

Bag ban business flyer front page
Bag ban business flyer back page

Don't forget about the single-use straws by-request-only law that went into effective on November 4, 2021!

Food service businesses may only provide a single-use plastic straw upon customer request.

Food service business must keep an adequate supply of single-use plastic straws.

Stores may sell packages of single-use plastic straws & sell a beverage pre-packaged by the manufacturer with a single-use plastic straw.

For more information go to nj.gov