Our Vision Statement

Our Promise to You
The Roxbury Township Health Department will strive to be an organization that promotes healthy life style choices and behaviors and protects the health of the inhabitants of Roxbury Township, as well as those communities we serve through contractual agreements. Our services to and interaction with community partners will ensure continuing viability in the area of public health and environmental protection. Efficient use of financial resources will lead to effective public health programs and services. We will continue to foster positive relationships with community partners and the media. Through the use of proactive initiatives and solid community linkages, we will attempt to avoid crisis management and reactionary responses.

The Roxbury Township Health Department will continue to represent all inhabitants of our community and all we serve to improve the health status and quality of life of our residents.

We will pursue a course of action that makes us an organization that promotes and provides the intellectual and skill enhancement of its employees in order to become a learning agency. Our department will effectively and efficiently use the individual talents of each employee to their highest individual and collective ability for their professional and personal growth for the betterment of our community. We will continue to strive to be an organization that is professional, innovative, determined, focused, infrastructurally sound, technologically advanced, and community competent to meet this Township's needs as we move through the 21st Century.