Rabies Clinics

Clinic Purpose & Rules

Township-sponsored rabies clinics in New Jersey are free and open to all New Jersey residents, but more than that they are a vital way to prevent rabies. This fatal disease is endemic (present at a constant level) in the non-domestic animal population of New Jersey, and therefore is a very real threat to both the human and domestic animal populations. We greatly encourage you to attend these clinics to keep your animals rabies vaccine up to date, however a few rules should be followed:
  • All cats should be in a carrier.
  • All dogs should be on a leash.
  • Be aware, you are surrounded by animals that you do not know, some animals may not be as friendly as yours.
  • If you have any questions as to whether your animal is due for a shot please call your Health Department or Vet.
  • Please follow directions of employees and posted signs, they are there to protect you and your animal.
  • Please let our staff handle your animal while the shot is being given.

Too often a cat escapes because of the lack of a carrier or the owner attempting to restrain the animal. Please take action to protect your pet!


Roxbury Township
First Wednesday in November 
DPW Building
96 North Dell Avenue
5 - 7:00 pm

For additional rabies clinics please visit the Morris County Clinic Schedule