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Fenimore News

In order to provide updated information in a readily accessible format, the Township has revised the form of this webpage.    This update was made on April 16, 2014. All information available to the Township can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlinks in this text.


                                                                    Most Recent News

Daily Updates Change as of 3-14-2014 - Please be advised that DEP anticipates status quo operations will continue including air monitoring. As such, daily updates will be replaced with milestone changes in activities when they take place on the site. The Township will post this information when received by the NJDEP. 

DEP OPRA Request Submittal Receipt

PRESS RELEASE - Change of Location for April 15, 2014 Council Meeting

Fenimore Closure Options by Maser Consulting  - report questions can be sent to

PRESS RELEASE - Fenimore Landfill 4-4-2014

PRESS RELEASE - Fenimore Legal Action 3-31-14

DEP Fenimore Long-term Remedy Fact Sheet 3-28-2014

Fenimore Notification Standards Questions and Answers

March 22, 2014 Daily Record Newspaper Article RE: Fenimore Landfill

PRESS RELEASE - Fenimore 3-21-2014

PRESS RELEASE - Fenimore 3-14-2014

Link to presentations from NJDEP Closure Plan Meeting

Response to Township's OPRA Request to NJDEP for Stack Testing Results

February 4, 2014 Letter to the Township from NJDOH

NJDEP Daily Updates - These updates are posted as they are received from NJDEP  

DEP Fenimore Landfill Fact Sheet - October 22, 2013

A telephone conference was held between the Township Manager, Commissioner O'Dowd and Commissioner Martin.  A summary of this meeting can be found by clicking the link.

Township Resolution 2013-295
- Requesting $53 Million in Sandy Relief funds from NJDEP

In an effort to continue to provide updated information concerning the Fenimore Landfill in Roxbury Township, the Department of Health (DOH) has posted a third fact sheet to its website:

NJDEP SO2 Testing Results - These results charts are posted as they are received from the NJDEP

School Testing Results - link to various air sampling tests of Schools within Roxbury.

Air Monitoring results change of Link.  New address is:

Weekly Air Monitoring Graphs available for review

Assistance from NJDOH and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - The University has offered to provide assistance to those in need.

Mayor Hall's September 30, 2013 Letter to Commissioner Martin seeking review of all abatement solutions.

DEP Fenimore Fact Sheet - September 24, 2013

Accutest Ambient Air Data Lab Report - please be advised that although the sampling date of this report is August 16, 2013, the Township did not receive this report from NJ DEP until Tuesday September 17, 2013.

DOH Roxbury Schools Air Sampling Results

Fenimore Thermal Oxider Test Update - September 12, 2013

Fenimore Fact Sheet - Thermal Oxidizer Test - September 6, 2013

Resolution 2013-269

If you are looking for information on Air Purification Units

                                                                Frequently Asked Questions

The NJDEP requests that all questions regarding the Landfill be sent utilizing the email address . Responses will be posted under this section. The NJDEP can also be contacted at the Call Center which is (609) 341-2875. This number is for questions. Odor Complaints should still be called in to 877-WARNDEP

DEP Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

NJDOH Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

For a list of all documents please visit the Complete Document list which has the most recently posted items nearest the top.  This list does NOT contain the ongoing daily updates.  The ongoing Daily Updates are found in a separate list

                                                                     Recent Action

Meeting with DEP and DOH Commissioners

Mayor Fred Hall and Township Manager Christopher Raths met with Commissioner Martin of the NJDEP and Commissioner O'Dowd of the NJ DOH as well as Senior Staff on Tuesday August 13, 2013.  This urgent meeting was held at the request of Mayor Hall and Township Council.

The following is a summary of that meeting:

  • Handex Corporation, a nationwide firm, with expertise in vapor remediation has begun operating 24/7 on the site to test, design and implement remediation system.
  • The Berger Engineering group has been hired to design permanent capping of the site.  They are working now and plans will be finished as soon as possible.
  • The NJDEP agreed to conduct comprehensive on site and perimeter air sampling.  This will be conducted in the next few days.
  • The NJDEP also agreed to review the recent Private Well and Stream water tests conducted by the Township and conduct additional tests if warranted.  (Test Results).
  • The NJDOH will be taking a more active role.  DOH will be reviewing all correspondence to the Township Health Department regarding specific health complaints from residents and physicians.
  • The DOH will also be reviewing water and soil samples to determine potential health risks.
  • The following steps have been taken to facilitate better improvement between residents and the NJDEP/NJDOH:

                                                        Recent Well/Stream Test Results

The results of the recent well and stream water testing have been returned.

  • The sulfide test results do not indicate levels in excess of normal background levels for ground water in our area.  The minimum detectable level is .1mg/l.   The test results were between .3 and .5 mg/l of sulfides and according to our lab director, these readings are within normal limits.
  • The third round of Priority Pollutant sampling at Ledgewood Basin, upstream from the basin and downstream from the basin did not reveal evidence of water or sediment pollution emanating from subject site.
  • The actual results can be reviewed by the accessing the Test Results link.

                                                                  Previous News

On Wednesday July 17, 2013 the Appellate Court denied SEP's request for Stay of DEP's Emergency Order

On Thursday June 28, 2013, the NJDEP took control of the Landfill Site.  The pictures illustrate the work being conducted.  The Township has requested the NJDEP provide regular updates as to the work being conducted.

The Township has developed an Environmental Standard for H2S Citizen Notification and Accommodations Plan.  The plan along with the attached Press Release was presented to Council on June 11, 2013.

On Wednesday afternoon June 12, 2013, an Order to Show Cause was filed seeking immediate access to the Landfill to enable the NJDEP to take corrective action to abate the hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) nuisance at the landfill.  The NJDEP has joined the Township in this request and has filed a brief and supporting certifications as well.  A copy of the Township's Order to Show Cause can be found by clicking on it. 

On Thursday June 13, 2013 the judge signed the Order to Show Cause.

On Friday June 28, 2013, the Governor signed the following legislation.  Congratulations to all who made this happen! Please review Mayor Fred Hall's letter of thanks and acknowledgement of all that went into this project.

The reactivation of the Fenimore Landfill, through a Consent Order between the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and SEP Corporation, has caused a great deal of impairment to our community.  Unfortunately, our community is now associated with this debacle.  If you live along the truck route, you have had to deal with the large number of trucks traveling over the roads.  The Township and State Police have issued a number of violations for safety and speeding issues.  If you live within Ledgewood and some areas of Succasunna, you have had to deal with the foul odor since late October.  The Township has installed air monitoring devices in locations around the landfill at the Township’s expense to support its legal action and ensure the public safety of our residents.   The Township has issued summonses for odor violations, which carry a total of $32,000 in fines.  The County of Morris has also begun complaint follow up.  Their efforts are appreciated. The Municipal Court Judge from Randolph, on behalf of Roxbury Township found SEP guilty and levied $32,000 in fines.

Even if you don’t live in the Roxbury Communities of Ledgewood or Succasunna, all residents of our Township have been affected by the reactivation of this facility.  Township tax dollars have been expended to support legal actions aimed at closing down the facility.  The Township has also conducted tests of the surface water, pond sediment and leachate within the Ledgewood Basin Pond.  Previous Ledgewood Basin testing results are on the Township’s website as are the 2012 Private Well Tests and additional tests.

Over the past 22 months, the Mayor, Council, Senator Anthony Bucco, Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll and residents of Roxbury have illustrated their resolve to protect our community from this unwarranted blight on our Township.  During this time period a great deal of information has been compiled.  This information includes a summary of prior testing, and prior testing results dating back to 1988.  The path to securing State approvals for this project has also been investigated.  The State approved timelines addresses this process.  The Mayor and Township Council are committed to bring this matter to closure by all legal action necessary.

Public participation is very important and prior information updates at every Council meeting and public participation is extensive.  The minutes of meetings details these discussions.  The Mayor and Township Council encourage you to attend upcoming meetings.  A full list of information pertaining to the Fenimore Landfill is also available on the website.

Finally, let no one underestimate the Township’s resolve to abate this situation.  Roxbury has been dealt a terrible blow due to the actions of others.  We will remedy this matter and move forward as the great community we are.

We will be providing updates to this memo on a regular basis.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration

Proud to Serve
Roxbury Township Manager                                    973-448-2002 (Office)
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